Mild Card

by Isaac Balson

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This album is the result of songs written over the past few years (and some conceived on the spot) and recorded in about a month.

You'll find some of what I feel is my best writing to date and also just some goofy nonsense. If I wasn't supposed to have fun with it, then what am I doing even?

This album was recorded mostly in my bedroom and as a result you may find some extra noise from neighbours cutting down trees or the washing machine going berserk. Regardless, I believe it has a certain sound, and I hope you agree.

I'd like to extend a shoutout to Taylor Gross who helped as an actor and beat producer on the track "(c)Rap Skit 2017" and along with Mckenna Fenney hopefully made you laugh a little bit today.

I'll leave you to it now but not without letting you know that if you even checked out the first track while you were skipping around, thank you. The internet is a huge place and you can spend your time anywhere else so if you found yourself here, I truly want to extend a thank you.




released March 23, 2017

All songs written, recorded and performed by Isaac Balson in his living room with the exception of "(c)Rap Skit 2017" which features a tasty beat done by Taylor Gross who, along with McKenna Fenney, make up the cast of thespians on the reel.

Album art as well as art for the singles and basically everything else; Nairi Miguel. Who is without a doubt my favourite artist.



all rights reserved


Isaac Balson Kelowna, British Columbia

A musician and songwriter from Kelowna BC. Most known for playing with My Kind of Karma, but also enjoys doing ukulele experiments in his room. Debut album "Mild Card" coming soon.

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Track Name: Ashes & Lashes
My Bathroom mirror this morning won't stand still,
That goddamned light reflecting off the sill,
shows me I cant keep my mouth shut
and this time as much as any time is enough

my middle school teacher used to ask me what I want to be
right now I can't think to do anything but brush my teeth
spit shine watch it glide down the sink
cuz you and I took a bath in rye I think

still those big brown eyes and that smoky smile
won't shine if the sun comes up
cuz you know as much as I know
they're made up

Ashes and lashes on my windowsill
I can't believe they're sitting up there still
like light couldn't grace me to pick them up
like god didn't need them enough

ashes and lashes keep me up at night
staring and laughing from the dim streetlight
they're yours and what's more is you're alright
to see you -all of you in daylight

It's a wonder you could get home
past the garden gnome
who'll sit a watch you do nothing
when you're all alone
this house has got eyes for you
this house has got eyes and eyes for you
Track Name: The Fly
There's this fly who woke up and won't give up
and spends his time around me
and this morning it made plain that I only have myself to blame
for why it won't leave me be

and with every toss and turn I'd feel a burn
as fly makes contact with skin
a swipe from my shoulder to shin, arm, rolled over
as fly makes contact with skin

and fly makes contact again

so I get out of bed, get changed and step into the world again
a tiny zigzag shadow over me
there's a buzzing from my pocket and a buzzing by my ear
a buzz begets more buzzing over scene

now I can't sit at tables or even look you in the eye
I can't hear above the noise and the buzzing of the fly
because I don't know what you're thinking or the trouble that you're in
when fly makes contact with skin

and fly makes contact again

yes winter will come to swallow all the bugs
wet sloughs of sleet and snow bury tracks around me
and winter will come to make way for another one
and I'll forget to ask myself where have you been?

until fly makes contact again
Track Name: Helvetica
Take a word, as long as you'd like,
and you can spell it any way you try
and I'll learn to read between the lines
because you won't spell anything twice

the thing we call a dog that barks and bites
is a chien by any other name tonight
and I can teach you what your name might be, in Japanese
so you can write it all over me

I can write in Helvetica
the swoops and pulls and pauses dance around you
I can sing in Helvetica
so let me try to write you something nice

it's funny how we'd borrow from nearly anyone
sentiments and faces, whistling, kids know how to run but
all we know comes from a pen rested on a thumb
so, write me anything you'd like

but when you're gone just know
that when the words you hear don't mean anything at all
just listen to the faces
and let all those wretched thoughts, all those wretched thoughts go

because you don't need a pep talk you can stand up on your own
you're not alone
Track Name: (c)Rap Skit 2017
Fade in: Stock noise of a club, sparcely populated, glasses tink and people laugh. It is backstage at the club. Isaac is relaxing on a couch, tinking away on an ukulele. A door opens.

Oh hey, uh dude.

Oh yo yo whats gucci baby?!

Uh, hey. Yeah man there's something I have to run by you quick. You got a minute?

Boom! Mi Casa es su casa hombre

Right. Well, it's a little personal.

Got it. Oi! Everybody Out! (record scratch)

Everyone leaves. (This is just a fade-out of the stock crowd noise which makes it sound super weird)
Dead quiet now.

See? You didn't hear that? The crowd leaving sounded fake.

I don't have a clue what you're talking about.

Dude, you're sitting backstage at a club right now. It's insane. When have you EVER hung out at a club like this?

Right now, man, take a seat. Want some Voss?

Alright you're not getting it, I'll lay it out plain and simple then.

Please do.

I think this is a rap skit.



Think about it, think real hard. You were just sitting in a private party in a club. Why.

...Cuz I'm awesome, and everybody respects me.

Even if you were- which I seriously doubt at this point, everyone here was just at your beck and call just now. You kicked them all out with a word.

Two words.


Listen back, I said (EVERYBODY OUT from earlier)

“Listen Back”. How in the hell could you do THAT if this isn't a rap skit.

Haven't you been listening at all? This album has been nothing but ukulele and like weird toys I had. Nothing about it says Rap Skit.

Door Open. Enter Fan-Girl.

Oh hey! I'm here for the party. Ooo is that a little guitar?! I love the little guitar!

What the hell is this?!

Dude, look. It's 2017. There haven't been Rap Skits since like 2003. If I wrote a Rap Skit now I certainly wouldn't make the only female character so dumb. No offence.

None Taken. [giggle]

I guess you're right. But this just seems so messed up. Everything sounds hollow and planned out.

I didn't get into the rap game to avoid situations like this -it's for the music. It's always been about the rhymes, -my rhymes. It's like you let the game get to you man.

Yeah.... Wait! You're doing it again! What the hell are you talking about?

Shit. I think you're right. This has got 2001 Rap Skit written all over it. I kind of feel like cappin someone.

heh. That would be funny I guess. [pause] What are you doing? No! No!


What? I don't have a gun guys. Like I said before. It's an Uku-lele album.

Stop saying it like that.

That's how it's pronounced man. We can't just like take the words and make em all lame and European. The hawaiians have a rich language and heritage. Also, did you have any idea that the ukulele is actually based on a Portugese instrument.

Guy {filled with childish wonder}
Hmm, No Fooling...

Come sit and I'll regail you tale. You see, the year was 1875 and the island of Oahu was in the throws of a bitter land dispute over trade and resource....

[Fade out]
Track Name: Zelda Fitzgerald
I sit alone sometimes
running through all that's been on your mind
but it seems you're always there with me
please don't change your mind

I drift alone sometimes
do you drift alone or safely by my side?
though the winds they say just might change directions
please don't change your mind

I've seen some lonesome times
clouds moving fast across a blue night's sky
but if I can't tell where they're going
I'm just wasting time

it's just that I need so much you say
so much been said with much more talking to go
when you whisper softly
pack up your lines because I'm going to take them to go
and here I go

You dance alone sometimes
your hips swinging fast but mostly out of time
to the song you don't know where it's going
please don't change your mind

to you the world is always ending
and you laugh at reason's lack of rhyme
though these words to you sound condescending
please don't change your mind


if I could only take a minute
I'd count the leaves in the trees until autumn is finished
but if i can't tell where they're going
I'm just wasting time

and I'll keep wasting time
Track Name: Phoenix
If I knew everything about you
don't you think that I would know by now?
If I knew everything about you
don't you think that I would know by now?
there ain't no hurricane going to knock you down
so let it all rain down

I remember a time when your smoke filled up my mind
pools like rainwater trickle down my spine
those rains though not passed, are easing up at last
but I'm still bracing for the weather all the time
because when those rains come down I'm a take what's mine
and let it all rain down


if you thought you knew every which way to go
even if I knew different I'd be right in tow
if you claimed you saw Phoenix rise out of the ashes
I'd wait by the fire until the last smoke rise
and claim the smoke was clouds that filled the sky
and let it all rain down

it's the rise fall and scatter of the wind that come and the winds that go again,
rise, fall, and scatter of the winds that come and the winds that go again,
here it goes again
the weight of the water on my head's going to break not bend

Track Name: Two Songs
I've got one song to make you happy
and one song to play when you're gone,
I've got one song to make you happy
and one song to play when you're gone,

I've got a song that's all about the way you'd laugh
and how you smile loud,
and how you dance,

A song about your clever mind
and how you'd school me every time
if my big mouth gave you the chance,


I'm growing tired of this place
as I've grown weary of your face
and I know it won't be long,

So like a lady when you mumble
"Maybe I love you"
as a clock runs like a song,


this song you won't hear about
because you won't be around
a little crown to fit your head,
this is a song for you
for what you'll put me through
when you leave this bed,